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Ditch the Diet and Make Peace With Food

A 12 Week Intuitive Eating Series

  • Ended
  • 199 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you might be familiar with the effects of rigid rules and restrictions. Maybe you’ve experienced “yo-yo dieting”. Yo-yo dieting, also called weight cycling, is a pattern of losing weight and then regaining it. Research shows us that chronic weight cycling may be doing long-term damage to our bodies, not to mention our mental health. This includes an increased risk of depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, gallstones and decline in muscle mass. There may be some guilt or shame surrounding eating. For many, this cycle leads to distrusting the body, and a worsened body image. More importantly, AT LEAST 75% of dieters gain more weight back within 4-5 years. Clearly, diets don’t work! Despite these facts, the diet industry is a multi billion-dollar machine! Different diets come with different rules, which produces a lot of confusion and conflict surrounding what to eat and what to avoid. Intuitive Eating* offers a way to ditch the diets, the diet cycle, and the shame, and find an authentic way of honoring your health. By practicing Intuitive Eating, you can feel empowered to be the expert of your own body. Intuitive Eating has been the focus of much research and has been proven to be extremely effective. It has been found to: *Improve overall health, including improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol *Decrease negative self-talk, loss of control eating and binge eating *Improve body image, body satisfaction, self acceptance, and self esteem *Increase motivation for movement and intake of nutritious foods Let this be the year that you ditch the diet mentality and become an intuitive eater! Listening to your body by following your innate hunger and satiety cues will help you restore the wisdom with which you were born. Join Registered Dietitian - Nutritionist, Gina Barbetta MS RD IFNCP, CDN and Holistic Licensed Professional Counselor, Michelle Pellin MS MA LPC LLC, ( for 12 weeks of an in-depth, live, virtual series to help you ditch the diet mentality and make peace with food! The program includes weekly live virtual training and worksheets. This program will help you say goodbye and end the diet cycle forever! ❤ A sliding scale fee is available for those with fewer resources-please reach out ❤ REGISTRATION FEE: $199 (Includes 12 virtual training and all materials)

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Suite 2A 769 Newfield Street, Middletown, CT, USA

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